Zanzibar Nightlife: The island’s magical nightlife

Blow your hair, feel the music, have a drink and let Zanzibar nightlife take you to the most epic evening of your life! So, bookmark this blog, book your tickets and let’s start having fun.

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Zanzibar nightlife

The truth is that Zanzibar bars are not something you can get acquainted with back home As you can see, in terms of its British colonial influence and Muslim culture, Zanzibar has a tradition of sunset centering on most nightlife. You don’t have to wait for the night to hit before the fun starts.

Culture begins to set the sun very soon, the lights are up, the music is up and so is your soul! You will notice surprisingly that things calm down a bit after midnight, which is understandable since the sunset starts very early. That being said, don’t stop at this incredible island because you still have one Great scene for dancing And drinks

Stone Town, the island’s urban center, offers the most opportunities to spend the night in the city. There are also Nungui on the north end and Zambian and Paje on the east coast Popular bars and beach clubs.

Here are some common choices between tourists and locals:

Stone Town Nightlife

Some of the most lively Zanzibar nightlife can be found in Stone Town! This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

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6 degrees south

This cafের on Shanghai Street gets high scores for its happy hours with live afro jazz and themed discos on Friday nights from 5 to 7 p.m. This way you will get cheap drinks and some of the best entertainment. What more could you ask for?

Address: Plot 60, Waterfront, Shangani St., Zanzibar, Tanzania

Religion Lounge

Located near Zanzibar State University, the Dharma Lounge is a natural for students Young international crowd Those looking for a modern club where they can boogie on a large dance floor in the mornings and afternoons. Run for your money and show them how it’s done!

Address: Makunajini St., Zanzibar, Tanzania

Garage Club

Get ready for some dance at this eclectic (and air-conditioned!) Disco with house, hip-hop, reggae and Afro-European pop; Club Rock until sun-up on weekend nights, making it The most popular disco in Stone Town. Check out the black and white zebra striped walls across the street from Starehe Club.

Address: Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Kendua Rocks

During or near the full moon that falls on a Saturday, the Kendawa Rocks Beach Hotel hosts its famous event Full moon party, Right on the white sand beach, for music and dancing under the stars. For the rest of the month, parties can dance from Monday to Saturday night at the hotel’s lounge bar, The Rocks.

Address: Kendawa, Tanzania

Comfort Club

This cool nightclub is very popular with Zanzibaris, making it a great place for visitors who want to visit and Chat with locals. A great location on the veranda overlooking the tranquil environment and the bay makes the Starh Club a quiet evening place in town.

Address: Shangani St., Zanzibar, Tanzania

Sweet is easy

Lots of seating, a pool table, good food, and a well stocked bar make this restaurant and lounge. Popular evening chat Similarly for visitors and locals. The Sweet Easy has a selection of the best beers in town with a wide selection from around the world.

Frodhani Garden

If you are looking for fun after dark, but want to avoid ordinary clubs and pubs, try going to Fordhani Garden. The street market came alive at night with performers, food stalls and vendors. Be sure to bring a picnic blanket and come quickly to find a great place on the grass. A lively scene for People are watching, This seaside park is a similar place for visitors and locals alike. When you spend an evening in the Fordhani Garden, you really get the feeling for the local community.

Address: Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Nungwei nightlife

Gary’s Bar

On the beach, Gary gets high marks for his friendly staff and Quiet environment. Although slightly lower than the beach compared to other Nungui beach bars, visitors say it is perfect for traveling. Described by a TripAdvisor fan as a “wonderful place to chill”, Geris enjoys a perfect spot on the water at Nungwei Beach. Be sure to arrive early to catch the sunset.

Address: Nungwei Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Cholo disco bar

Right on the sand, Cholo’s Party-centric On Nungwei Beach, it attracts more than 30 adult crowds for drinking and dancing. For great food, a fun atmosphere, good drinks, music, and waves crashing in the background, head to Cholo; Past visitors say you have a very funny evening.

Address: Cholos Beach Nungwei TZ, 09255, Tanzania

Zanzibar nightlife
Zanzibar beach nightlife.

Paje overnight

At night

The Beach Bar at the Paje by Night Hotel is a fun place for tourists to hang out and is a regular Theme party for the brave, Such as its Glow in the Dark and Bubble Bath Jacuzzi Party. Offering lots of dancing and cold beer, this is a “just like you” type bar, perfect for a day out on the beach or for kite surfing.

Address: Page by Night Street Page TZ, 0000, Tansania

Zambian nightlife

Red Monkey Lodge

Usually a quiet bar on Zambian beaches, the Red Monkey Lodge hosts a weekly Monday Blues which is a Huge blow for the locals And visitors in the same way.

From casual beach parties to discos and performing arts, there are plenty of evening entertainment options for everyone in Zanzibar.

Address: Zambian, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Star Hotel

This local hotspot has everything you need for the perfect night out. This spit has an impressive bar, a large, shared lounge area and a gorgeous garden. There is also evening entertainment to get you dancing at night!

In addition to the great Zanzibar nightlife.

Now that your evening plans are sorted out, wait for an action-packed quad tour through the remote African villages and explore the beautiful landscapes.

Or why not explore the islands during the day, go parasailing, join a guided jet ski tour or get all out and plan a Zanzibar spice island sailing adventure for an all-day Zanzibar trip.

You can also visit Mafia Island in Tanzania, just 30 minutes south of Zanzibar. Also, check out other day trips from Zanzibar.

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