Where to go for the best tapas in Madrid

Madrid is a city that has coffee and White hair That never sleeps and never stops eating.

Whatever brings you to Madrid, whether you are a tourist, an English teacher, a volunteer or a gap-yearer, you will soon be immersed in the wonderful world of Madrid tapas.

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The front of the traditional tapas bar in Gran Vায়ya, Madrid, Spain
The front of the traditional Tapas Bar in Gran Vaya, Madrid, Spain – depositphotos.com

Here are 5 of our favorite places to enjoy tapas in Madrid

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Casa Labra – Cod Crockett

Step Farm house Time is running out. Order your delicious Crockett From the small counter on the right, then go to the bar to order a thimble-shaped glass of beer or wine with oozy, creamy morsels.

Fatigue of desire – two sauces of potatoes

This tapas bar in Madrid is always buzzing with Spaniards Guiris Likewise the free nibbles that come with your drink is a delicious start. Then go to the giant Ration Of Potato two sauce Or Shrimp Scampi And you will not regret it. Bright, but often-chaotic service!

Tired of asking for tapas in Madrid
Tired of asking for tapas in Madrid

Side – potato omelette

A part of it melts in the mouth Bread Lateral is not enough; You will come back for more. The Bread The caramelized onion has a soft fur and it is the absolute paradise on a plate.

Taberna Txakolina – Pintxos

If you own Pintoxos At Taberna Txakolina you will not be disappointed. The Tapas Bar in Madrid is lined with beautiful and delicious Pintoxos Combining all kinds of good quality components. A personal favorite we like to call Salmon Tower.

Tapas in Taberna Taxacolina, Madrid
Txakoli Bar in Madrid

La Musa – Shrimp and Green Avocado Tempura

This is a personal favorite that we almost never wanted to share! Obsession A restaurant has everything you need, including a delicious BBQ selection Tapas! Try Shrimp and green avocado tempura For a zingy hungry.


At El Tigre, you order a glass of Vino Tinto (red wine) for two euros and then behind the counter Tapas God gives you a plate decorated with all kinds of Tapas – Tortilla, Patatas Bravas, Zaman, Queso… you name it – your Drinks to have sex. The best part is that every time you order your cheap drink, you get a delicious plate to soak up all that alcohol.

San Miguel Square Market

For a more varied experience, there are San Miguel Square Market Near the Soul Metro. This gorgeous old building is filled with small stands featuring some of the freshest and tastiest food, including oysters, fruits and vegetables and tapas. Lots and lots of tapas.

Again, if you want to snatch a seat, get there quickly. Otherwise, start practicing eating / drinking one plate of tapas and one glass of vino tinto at the same time.

Wonderful site and smell head for an explosion San Anton Market Its buzzing neighborhood Chueka. Downstairs there is a traditional market for fruits and vegetables, fish, ham and best quality cheese. Floor 2 International offers a great selection of stalls where you can find everything from sushi to healed ducks to Sevich.

A personal favorite Greek stall is offering hot pitas with delicious stuffed aubergines and homemade hummus. Go up to the 3rd floor for a drink on the rooftop veranda with a panoramic view of the city or for a meal in the modern restaurant.

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