The best event in Barcelona in August 2022

Barcelona is a city that offers a lot; Centuries of art, history and culture. Incredible architecture, cuisine, a rich nightlife, stunning beaches, views and clear blue water hosting. If you are planning to visit Barcelona in August, our guide to the best events happening in the city will give you everything you need for a great trip.

Temperatures reach maximum in Barcelona in August, creating the height of the tourist season. August is a great time to take advantage of the perfect weather at the most popular tourist attractions, enjoy endless drinks at the perfect rooftop bar, spend the day at the beach or take part in some of the best events and festivals in town.

So here is a list of the best events in Barcelona in August to enjoy the whole summer festival in the city!

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List of the best events in Barcelona in August

Barcelona event in August 2022

Getting ready for the festive spirit, here are some of the best events in Barcelona that take place throughout August.

LGTIBI Circuit

From 6th August to 14th August you can experience one of the biggest LGTBI festivals in the world. Barcelona is already one of the best destinations in Europe for the LGTI community, with close connections in areas like Sitges, the best gay bars and beaches in the world!

LGTBI Circuit celebrations are held at some of the best clubs in Barcelona such as Rajmataj, Go Beach Club, Safari, Input etc.

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Events in Barcelona in August include the LGTIBI circuit
LGTIBI Circuit in Barcelona in August

Festa Major de Gracia

From 15 to 21 August you can expect one of the most important and anticipated Barcelona events in August for the Gracia district. The main attraction of this festival is the street exhibition where the squares are all thematically decorated with huge and beautiful murals and handicrafts.

The streets will also be covered with colorful banners, giant flowers, papier mach মা monsters and ear-splitting sound systems with each genre. Listen to some live music in each square and enjoy great prices for beer, tapas, kebabs and more.

Festa Major de Gracia in Barcelona in August
Festa Major de Gracia

Festa Major de Santos

The festival of Sant is starting from 24th August, 2022. It is similar to the Gracia festival but takes place in the Santos neighborhood. It again throws itself into the celebration of the people all around, decorating the street with all sorts of colorful bits and bobs.

The festival honors St. Bartholomew, the patron saint of saints, who was martyred and even jumped for his faith. The 22 streets of this neighborhood are decorated with special themes. They also have giants (man-controlled monster statues), castellers (human towers) and devils (people dressed as devils who throw fireworks).

This one will never be missed!

Festa Major de Santos in Barcelona in August
Festa Major de Santos in Barcelona in August

Festa Major of the Gothic Quarter

Look no further than the Festa Major del Barrio Gotico, the city’s oldest barrio party, for an authentic and traditional celebration. The festival is held in honor of St. Rock, who according to legend went to Barcelona to catch the plague but was cured by a local baker’s dog and defended the city against a subsequent outbreak.

The first edition of the festival was in 1589, and the costumes, songs and dances are still very much the same. You can expect to see traditional Catalan dances like Sardana or parades like Corfok.

Magic Nights at Casa Butlo

The Casa Batlló is a stunning and very famous masterpiece by Gaud that comes to life after dark. You can carefully watch the sunset across Barcelona from the Gaudi Terrace in detail. Enjoy music, drinks and incredible architecture.

These magical nights at Casa Batlló are the perfect event for a summer night in Barcelona, ​​to truly engage yourself in a magical and elegant evening.

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

Cap Roig Festival

If you don’t mind traveling the Costa Brava for an hour or more along the coast, get ready to visit one of the best botanical gardens in the Mediterranean. Costa Brava is known for its beautiful resort town like Lorette de Mar and its stunning scenic town and fishing villages. This concert series takes place in a beautiful and natural environment overlooking the Mediterranean.

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Cap Roig Festival in Costa Brava, Spain
Cap Roig Festival in Costa Brava, Spain

Brunch in the park

The Brunch in the Park is a legendary outdoor techno party, located on the top of the highest mountain in Barcelona. Every Sunday afternoon you can find dance parties during this day that offer some of the best international DJs. The event runs from 12 noon to 10 pm, and you can expect to find a beautiful beer garden as well as nice cool places to spray with water, food trucks and a children’s playground. You can buy tickets at the door for only 20 unless you start them at just সময় 11 at the time of first release!

Brunch in a park in Barcelona, ​​Spain
Brunch in a park in Barcelona, ​​Spain

Festival months and months

For those of you who love a little live music, Festival Month is the place for you! With over 200 concerts at six classic venues in Barcelona, ​​you will be overwhelmed!

From flamenco shows to classical music, in famous places like Palau de la Mিকারsica, it is the best festival to escape the heat. There will be plenty of international artists, and lots of music from different genres like jazz, flamenco, hip-hop, gospel, funk, rock and more!

Festival month i month 6 as part of a roundup of events in Barcelona in August
Festival months and months

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