Check out the world’s most mind-blowing architectural optical illusions!

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See, we’re not asking you to see the world Just For the village. After all, this crazy planet is big and full of all kinds of adventures. But who among us has ever felt that there would be a really good picture frosting on an already delicious travel cake? You don’t have to be a photographer to appreciate the power of a glossy snap or two (or 12). We’ve got it, we really do — that’s why we’re here to help with these mind-blowing buildings. Confuse your eyes, sparkle your sensibilities and fill out your social media feeds by picking us worldwide for the best architectural optical illusions.

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The Wall of the Kennats: Lyon, France


Flickr CC: Gregor Ravic

The three-dimensional painting technique “Trump’s Law” literally translates to “eye technique.” Located in Lyon, “Le Moore des Canuts” is one of the best performances in the industry. Europe’s largest painted wall (created in 1997 and updated in 2013) depicts life in the French city, with characters climbing a large staircase. The feeling of depth is enhanced only by its location, conveniently painted in neighboring buildings.

Guilin, another place in China Guilin Litopia Hotel

Guilin, another place in China Guilin Litopia Hotel

If you’ve ever dreamed of diving into MC Escher’s mathematical-inspired work, with its signature upside-down stairs and nowhere to go, The Ginger Place Hotel in southwest China might be the place for you. Inspired by the Dutch artist’s impossible maze imagined by design firm Studio 10, the 10-room boutique property has two rooms – the name “Puzzle” and “Dream”. : Guilin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China, thanks to its magnificent karst rock formation along the Li River and its picturesque terraced paddy fields.

Philip Thiel’s Magic Tap: Cিজdiz, Spain

Wiki CC: Emily J. Rodriguez Inn

Going to Spain by cruise ship? Hanging out in the port city of Cিজdiz is a magical tap (by artist Philip Thiel) that flows 24/7 with water – even though there is no visible attachment to the ground below. Is it Spanish magic? Or just hidden support in the water? Who cares াদু magic hug and selfie!

Wonderworks House: Orlando and other cities

Orlando, Florida Wonderworks

Wonderworks in Orlando, Florida | Photo: Courtesy of Wonderworks

If you’ve been to Orlando, you’ve probably noticed this classical-style building. According to WonderWorks legend, the building was a top secret laboratory in the Bermuda Triangle before it was torn down by a powerful tornado created by lab scientists. Aside from the long stories, the building design is the brainchild of Terry and Nicoson, the architects of Nicoson Design International and Orlando locals, and what’s inside is just as appealing to curious kids. Described as an “amusement park for the mind”, WonderWorks showcases more than 100 hands-on, interactive “edu-tenements” such as a reverse tunnel, extreme weather zone, physical challenge zone, a live comedy magic dinner show and more. Something. You will find similar buildings at WonderWorks locations in Pigeon Forge, Myrtle Beach, Panama City Beach, Branson, and Syracuse.

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Chicago Magic Lounge Bathroom: Chicago

Whirlwind illusion at the Chicago Magic Lounge

Whirlwind illusion at the Chicago Magic Lounge

If you are planning to have a drink or two at the Chicago Magic Lounge, a Windy City Magic Club where you enter with laundry, we ask you to be extra careful when entering the bathroom. Otherwise the rotating black and white tile floor rotation of the venue may threaten to take you down. It’s an illusion (like most things in this pub) but you can never be too careful.

Invisible Mirror Cube: Tree Hotel, Harads, Sweden

Whatever your inspiration, booking a room at the Tree Hotel in Harads, Sweden, with its high-resource, back-to-basics principles, is a good idea. But if you’re looking for a little visual inspiration, you can do worse than one or two nights in their invisible mirror. Located on the trip, and completely covered in mirrors, the only thing you can see is that you are there — pure, uninterrupted nature. Looks like you’re asleep.

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