Candy Train from Ella, Sri Lanka – one of the best railway journeys in the world

A tea picker wearing bright and colorful sari is turning and swaying towards you. Suddenly, you hear the deep laughter of the children nearby and the soft chatter of the passengers. Pick up your nostrils then sniff the delicious deep fried lentils and sweet tea.

The candy train from Ella gently swings round in a bend, the soothing sound takes you into a happy silence.

The reality is that traveling by train from Ella, Sri Lanka to Kandy can be one of the best train journeys in the world! And this is the experience that awaits you.

In these travel tips, we’ll share:
সেরা Best time to visit Sri Lanka
• How to get to Ella
সেরা Ella’s best things
How to get a candy train ticket from Ella
সেরা The best thing to see on the candy train from Ella

From Ella to Kandy, catch the train to Sri Lanka
From Ella to Kandy, catch the train to Sri Lanka

When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka, the most important thing to consider are the two main monsoon seasons and the inter-monsoon seasons:

  • Yala rain: April-September rainfall occurs in west / southwest coast and hilly areas (including Ella).
  • Heavy rain: November-March rainfall on the east coast.
  • Inter-monsoon season: October / November Heavy rains and thunderstorms can occur anywhere across the island.

So, April, October and November are definitely the best time to travel on the west / south coast and, most importantly, for the Candy train journey from this Ella, which started in a mountainous country.

What’s more, by traveling shoulder to shoulder and in less seasons, you will do a great service for the locals as you will help spread the influence of tourists and travelers to the local destinations.

Interested in finding out more? Check out our itinerary for 8 days in Sri Lanka.

How to go to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. So, the only effective way to get to Sri Lanka is by air!

You will land at Bandaranaike International Airport, about 30 kilometers north of the capital Colombo. Get ready for a slow ride to the city center of Colombo which can take up to an hour. This area has a ton of traffic jams and commuters, so be sure to remember!

Find flights to Sri Lanka here.

How to get Ella?

The beautiful town of Ella or ‘Waterfall’ is located about 200 km east of Colombo in Badulla district. Surrounded by foggy green hills, green tea gardens and attractive waterfalls, Ella is just 1000 meters above sea level, and has a significantly cooler climate than the lowlands.

Ella is actually one of the best places in Sri Lanka to relax and enjoy nature.

Now, when it comes to Ella Sri Lanka travel, this picturesque place can be reached by road (Buses, vans with private cars / drivers, shared taxis / minibuses) from several locations. You can also get the train from Colombo via Candy If you want to reverse this Sri Lankan train journey, it is a long day train journey.

  • Colombo – She: About 5 hours by road; 327 km
  • Gale / Mirisa – Ella: 3.5 hours by road; 200 km
  • Uda Wallaway National Park – Ella: 2 hours by road; 100 km
  • Batticloa – Ella: 4.5 hours by road; 176 km
  • Colombo – Ella public bus: C. 9 hours; Take the Badullagami bus and get off at Kumblewela Junction. From here, it takes a short tuk-tuk or Ella local bus ride.
  • You’re the one – come on the public bus: C. Take the 3 hour bus from Walaway to Thanamaluila then change buses for Ella. Some waiting time; Ask for help finding the right bus.

Ella’s best thing

Ella has a lot of great things in and around Sri Lanka, so this is just a taste of what can happen if you spend a few days in this stunning place.
A Walk to Ella Rock For Ella Gap and stunning countryside views (3-4 hour round trip).
প্রচুর Take lots of photographs Iconic Nine Arch BridgeAn engineering feat cannot be missed.
A Walking up to Little Adam Peak To see Ella Rock and Ella Gap (2 hour round trip).
ুন Learn Sri Lankan-style cooking at one of the local cooking schools.
Check out Lightning strikes Ravana Falls Tuk-tuk on the way to Velvaya outside the city.

Tea garden in Sri Lanka
Tea garden in Sri Lanka

Where will you stay in Ela?

Two decent mid-range options include The Chillout, located at the beginning of the trail to Little Adams Peak, a short walk from the center of Ella. Comfortable room, a delicious breakfast and a large veranda for those views.

Closer to Trailhead is the well-preserved Ella Flower Garden Resort, which has several well-appointed rooms and chalets to choose from, including a TV and terrace. Beautiful garden, nice views and an on-site restaurant.

If you want to spread the cash and stay in the nicely empty tea bushes, you can try the 98 acre resort. You will find modern luxurious rooms with great views, including a swimming pool and house spa to enjoy your breakfast.

Nine Skies Bungalow in Ela
Nine Skies Bungalow in Ela.

EKHO Ella accommodation
EKHO Ella.

Morning dew hotel in Ela
Morning dew hotel in Ela.

Where to eat in Ela?

One of the many benefits of visiting Ella is that it has many great places to eat and drink In fact, you could say that this is the closest thing you can get to some (mild) nightlife!
We especially liked Adams Bridge, A down-to-earth, friendly place on the trail road to Little Adams Peak. We recommend using Kottu Roti, curry and juice.

One of them The most beautiful alternative to the main drag is Cafe ChillWhich does everything from coffee to delicious local and western food to a refreshing cold beer in the evening.

Lots of people eat at their guest house or homestay, which is a great alternative to authentic Sri Lankan food. Let them know in advance if you want to eat.

How to get a candy train ticket from Ella?

There are many options for securing your train ticket in Sri Lanka and it depends on how stable your itinerary is and how comfortable you are with a particular seat.

If you want to book in advance, One of the easiest ways to secure your preferred seat and car class You have to book with 12goAsia and you will collect your ticket on arrival in Colombo. You can only book tickets 37 days or more in advance with this route.

If you are happy to decide when you arrive, You can buy tickets from any train station in Sri Lanka up to 30 days in advance You travel to other major stations like Colombo or Galle.

If you are completely confident, you can take your chance much closer to the time, the day you arrive in the area or even the day of departure. 1st and 2nd class will probably be sold out, but you can buy a 3rd class ticket (if possible reserved or unreserved which is not capped) and take your chance.

Which train class should I travel to while in Sri Lanka?

We recommend traveling in 2nd class reserved seats. We bought arrival tickets in Colombo about a week ago, met local families traveling in 2nd class, had access to train vendors for snacks and didn’t have to stand, which meant we could enjoy the view and relax!

What is the train time from Ella to Kandy?

The first morning train from Ella leaves at 6.40 am and arrives in Kandy after 1 pm. You can go for this option if you are late to buy a ticket and / or are interested in seeing the most beautiful part of the route in the morning. Beware of morning fog and mist, which means you can’t see what you’re hoping for.

We would recommend Second departure at 9.24am, arrive in Kandy just before 4pm. The lighting was great on the most picturesque part of the road from Ella to Haputale and Nanu-wa. There were plenty of food vendors on the train for lunch and we arrived at Candy on a perfect afternoon to check in and get our bearings before sunset.

You can check out more train times and options at the Sri Lanka Railway site.

From Ella to Kandy, catch the train to Sri Lanka
From Ella to Kandy, catch the train to Sri Lanka

What to see on the candy train ride from Ella

There are a total of 20 stops between Ella and Candy, But depending on your train, you don’t call every stop. A complete route map can be found here. You will be on a blue or red train depending on the service you are taking. The journey should take about 7 hours without mechanical problems.

  • He is in Haputale | The first episode from Ella to Haputale is particularly spectacular, as you slowly walk along the narrow ridge and through the foggy hills and green forest velvet blankets. Look for landmarks like Ella Rock and local waterfalls
  • Haputale nanu-waya | From Haputale, you start going to the tea garden country. Keep an eye out for tea factories and villages as you approach Nanu-wa, the famous Nuwara Eliya stop, the retreat of colonial tea growers. Rotating tea meadows, ornate gardens and colonial air. You will see many tea pickers in their colorful sarees, working hard to get the best leaves
  • Nanu-wa to Hutton | The train then crossed the stunning Horton Plains (near the Ohio stop) and headed for Hatton, the capital of tea. Take a look at Adams Peak amidst wild grass, waterfall and lake views.
  • Candy from Hatton | There are fewer sights in the area from Hatton to Kandy, but the views of the foggy green hills remain as beautiful as a dream until you reach the outskirts of Kandy, when the buildings come into view and you rejoin the best life of Sri Lankan life.

Top tips for a candy train ride from Ella

A Make sure you are in the right place at the station for your carriage class Don’t be too polite before the train leaves (just ask the station master) and when the train arrives, especially if you are in 3rd class. Be firm and confident and snatch your seat.
A Bring your own dry snacks and water To make sure you can graze for the length of the journey, especially in the early stages if you can’t have breakfast!
A Don’t be afraid to try street food Trains are sold by experienced hawkers, such as delicious fried shield balls or vadai (deep fried donut shaped snacks), nuts and fruit.
Remember Keep an eye on the left and right of the train from Ella if you start your journey in Kandy. It’s also a good idea to take a picture of yourself with the door open at the beginning, as it gets even busier as you head to Nanuwa.
Enjoy the opportunity to take as many pictures as you want, but Don’t miss the train experience And enjoying the view for its pure pleasure!
A Store your backpacks and small bags in an overhead rack if you can. If you have large cases, aim to move them to the back of the last row if they are stuck in the seat or door.
A Be prepared for the toilet. They’re fine, but they’ll be squat toilets and you’ll need your own loo paper and faithful hand sanitizer!
A Respect the locals: Take the opportunity to contact local families and those traveling by train, but be respectful. If you want to take a picture of someone, politely ask and show them the results.

2nd class train in Sri Lanka
2nd class train in Sri Lanka

Better travel time

To finish, close your eyes once more. Drop your shoulder. Breathe. Break. Reflect. It’s time to slow down. To think anew about travel. For better travel. What better place to start than to travel by train from Ella, Sri Lanka to Kandy – one of the best train journeys in the world.
Visit our Under Tourists to promise you better travel.

Here are some more Sri Lanka travel tips:

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