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10 Things to Do with Kids in New York

Much more than the New York Statue of Liberty, Central Park and other popular Manhattan attractions. And, if you travel to New York with the kids, you'll be glad to hear that there's so much for you!

New York City consists of five boroughs: The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan. Just outside of New York City, you'll find Long Island, Rockland County, Orange County and Westchester County, all within an hour's drive.

If you go to New York but only live in Manhattan, you are doing yourself and your family a disservice by not having the full experience of New York. So go a little further by bus, train or car. You will discover some of these amazing New York destinations that your kids have been talking about for years.

Get the New York Pass

Experience NYC with up to 40% discount on some popular tourist attractions with New York Pass. Enjoy free access to the top 100+ attractions and go as per your choice for up to 10 days Family-friendly activities include the Marvel & DC Superhero Walking Tour, the Central Park Bike Tour, the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center, the Staten Island Zoo and the Staten Island Children's Museum.

10 Things to Do with Kids in New York

From museums to nature and adventure parks - here's how to get the most out of visiting NYC with kids.

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New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY

If your kids love science, experimentation, and hands-on museums, you'll want to visit the New York Hall of Science. The New York Hall of Science is easily accessible using public transport. You can take the 7th train to the 111th Street subway station, and it's only a short walk away.

At the New York Hall of Science, there is something for kids of all ages. Older kids can invent things in the design lab. For younger children, you'll find a pre-school place, an area with multi-sensitivity activity for children under 6. In addition to the exhibits and experiences included, there is a 3D theater, mini-golf and a science playground.

The Hall of Science is the perfect location for a full day of family fun. After spending a few hours at the museum, you can walk to Flushing Meadows Corona Park. In the park, you will find some additional attractions, including the Queens Zoo.

New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn, NY

Is your child fascinated by the train? Are you interested in New York City history and the transit system? If so, head to Brooklyn to check out the New York Transit Museum.

That is what makes this museum interesting It has been located inside a canceled subway station since 1936. You enter the museum using the entrance to the main subway station. Show your ticket to an employee who is sitting inside the original ticket booth and then walk through the old turnstile.

On the main floor of the museum, you can sit on a replica of an old NYC bus, see the vintage signage, and learn about how the rent collection has changed over the years. But below is where the magic happens! At the lowest level of the museum, you can walk in 1907 subway cars. The museum itself is small but the experience is worth every penny.

New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn, NY
New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn, NY

Connie Island, Brooklyn, NY

If you come to New York City but don't visit Connie Island, you'll miss out on such an important part of New York City's history, not to mention a lot of fun. D, F, N, and Q board the train to Brooklyn and take them to the very last stop. Connie Island Boardwalk, attractions and beaches just 5 minutes walk from there.

Take a ride Dino's Wonder Wheel, Connie Island Ferris Wheel which was built in 1920 and has become a landmark of New York City. Later, visit Luna Park, An amusement park with modern games and rides. Inside Luna Park, you will find CycloneConnie Island's iconic wooden roller coaster from 1926.

When you are hungry, you can go Nathan's famous, Home July 4 Hot Dog Eating Contest. The restaurant and its famous hot dogs date back to 1916. If you're not a fan of hot dogs, there are plenty of other places to eat on Connie Island. A short walk from the famous Connie Island is the attraction New York Aquarium. No matter what you like, there is no shortage of things to do on Connie Island.

New York with kids - Connie Island Wonder Wheel
Connie Island Wonder Wheel -

Bronx Zoo, Bronx, NY

The Bronx Zoo, home to more than 700 species of animals, is one of the largest zoos in the United States. With over 265 acres of land to explore, you'll want to bring your most comfortable walking shoes. In addition to the common animal exhibits, there is a children's zoo with a pet zoo, a playground and lots of interactive activities.

After the kids zoo, you can go through one of the most popular attractions of the butterfly garden or zoo, Jungle World. When you need to rest your feet, ride the open-air monorail and watch the animals roam. If you are looking for a different zoo experience, you can take your kids for a carousel ride, a nature trip or a rope course on a triptrop adventure.

Bear Mountain State Park, Tompkins Cove, NY

If hiking and nature exploration are more for your family, rent a car and drive to Bear Mountain State Park about an hour north of NYC. For those who love to picnic, there are plenty of picnic areas scattered throughout the park, or you can sit in the large open grass area. This grass area is also doubled as a playground for recreational sports like football and American football.

If you like fish, you have access to a beautiful large lake and river fishing. You can also rent a canoe to get to the lake. There are hiking trails for all levels of experience and a walk along the lake for walking and biking. If you visit in the summer, visit the swimming pool and trailside museum and zoo.

Planning a winter trip? Go for ice skating or skiing. Hike, bike or go to the top of Bear Mountain to enjoy the breathtaking view of Hudson Valley. In the fall you can see some spectacular views of the fall leaves. Not ready to leave just a day later, rent a room at the Beer Mountain Inn.

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Bear Mountain State Park, Tompkins Cove, NY
Bear Mountain State Park, Tompkins Cove, NY

Playland Park, Rye, NY

Playland Park has been a popular family destination since 1926, mostly known for its amusement parks. Located just off Long Island Sound, Playland Park also has a pool and a beach. If you are a fan of wooden roller coasters then you can take a ride on the historic Dragon Coaster which is one of the original rides in Playland.

The amusement park has a kiddie park with rides for the little ones and some exciting rides for the big kids. There are also areas for picnics and boating. Just a 40-minute drive from New York City, Playland Park is a great summer attraction.. If you do not have a car, you can take the 45-minute train from Grand Central Station.

Polysides Center, West Nike, NY

A huge four-tiered shopping mall 30 minutes north of Polysides Center New York City. It has a large collection of attractions and restaurants that will keep your kids busy for hours. Inside The Polysides Center, you'll find the world's longest indoor ropes course spanning four levels in the mall.

If you travel with a small child, there is also a short practice rope course for them. Downstairs in the corner of the mall, you'll find Billy Biz. Billy Seed is an indoor playground where your kids probably have some of the longest, steepest, most crazy slides.

If you're a kid, you'll be glad to know that Billy Biz encourages parents to join in the fun.. There is a speedway and bumper car for kids who like to drive. If arcade games are more your kids style, there's a Dave and Buster Add an IMAX movie theater, a bowling alley and an ice skating rink and your child will never want to leave the mall.

Legoland Theme Park and Resort, Goshen, NY

Did you know that New York has its own theme park? Opening its gates in the summer of 2021, Legoland Theme Park and Resort New York has been a wonderful addition. If you live in New York City and want to take public transport, you can take a coach bus to Manhattan's Port Authority bus terminal.

If you travel with kids under 13, Legoland is a perfect addition to your New York adventure. They don't have to worry about being tall enough to ride in this theme park because most rides don't require a minimum height and the minimum height is 36 ″, with a few exceptions.

While the theme park looks after young children, parents will also enjoy riding with their children. Stay for a day or spend the night at the Legoland Hotel. Summer visits? Don't forget your bathing suit! Legoland New York has a few water rides to cool off on a hot summer day.

Book your admission ticket via the following transport:

Visit Legoland theme parks and resorts with the kids in New York
Legoland Theme Park and Resort

Splash Splash, Long Island, NY

You can't have a list of fun things to do with the kids in New York and include a waterpark. Splice Splash, located 60 miles east of New York City, is one of the best waterparks in the greater New York City area. It has 20 waterslides and attractions. Cool down and relax in the lazy river or jump into one of their two wave pools.

If you have kids who are adventurous and love adventure, they will not be disappointed. There are several intense rides to choose from. When your kids are hungry from non-stop swimming and splashing, head to Johnny Rocket inside the waterpark for the best burgers and shakes.

Adventure Park, Long Island, NY

All rope course lovers are invited to the Adventure Park on Long Island. If you are looking for an activity in New York to bond with your kids, this is it. What sets Adventure Park apart from other ropes courses is its aerial triptop courses.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is a way for you. There are 5 different levels of challenge, each color-coded. With 14 lanes and 49 ziplines, The Adventure Park is easily a day-long activity. Children under the age of 7, who are too young to climb the trail, can play in the adventure playground.

With this list of things to do with kids in New York, you will never find it among the more popular tourist attractions in Manhattan. But you will experience New York in a way that not many tourists have, and you are planning to return to New York next time to do something that you have never experienced before. For more family travel tips and ideas, visit Traveling the West Way, a family travel blog.

If you travel to New York on a budget, check out this list of free things to do in New York - and don't forget to check out our post on how to be a New York tourist!


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There are 8 lesser known destinations in the United States that everyone should visit

The vast landscape of the United States makes it a popular destination for tourists all year round.

There is something for everyone: family, couples and single travelers. No matter what time of year you visit, everyone has a destination to enjoy.

Whether you like exploring the corners of new cities or you want to hike off the beaten track, we have some beautiful destinations that will satisfy your wanderings.

This guide will also take you through some of the best entertainment options. It's not just scenes that can take your breath away!

Whether you're interested in outdoor activities, bars and restaurants or even casinos, we've got all the entertainment you need. There are many options to choose from, including some Michigan online casinos

No matter what you're looking for in the US, we've got all the best destinations off the tourist track.

Bars of the Beaten track

Baker's Keyboard Lounge in Detroit, Michigan

One of the oldest jazz clubs in the world, it's no surprise that Bakers in Michigan is a must-see attraction. Built in 1934, this historic arts venue has always been a Detroit hotspot. The food is some of the best in town and the service is always impeccable. And with legends like Nat "King" Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Oscar Peterson and George Shearing coming up on stage, Baker's legendary status is no surprise.

Tunnel Bar in Northampton, Massachusetts

If you're a fan of Martini in unusual locations, Northampton's Tunnel Bar is for you. Located at (or below) Union Station in Northampton, this tunnel was formerly used for passengers and train crews. Now, it has been transformed into a beautiful bar whose original bricks and stones are completely intact

Coffin Club in Portland, Oregon

This next time is not for the faint-hearted! This is the Coffin Club of Oregon and we think you can probably guess the theme. It is full of spooky memories and bright in the dark skeleton that makes for a spooky night. Coffin Club has even been voted as one of the top ten themed bars in the world!

Unique nature site

Okook Falls in Rogers City, Michigan

If your interest is less in the city and more in the wilderness, why not visit Okok Falls just outside Rogers City? Not only will you be able to experience the beauty of these magical waterfalls but there is also a campsite nearby where you can stay. Although you need to be quick, there are only 15 sites for tents and small campervans and they are actually first available on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can hike up to the waterfall along the bicentennial path and if you are very interested you can also do some trout fishing. Make sure you've got the right tools to cook it! The onsite has only very basic facilities, including a vault toilet and a hand pump well for water. So it could be campfire cooked trout for dinner!

Sleeping Bear Tunes on Lake Michigan

Sleeping beer tunes are found along the 35-mile stretch of Michigan's east coast. The park is known for its beaches and forests as well as, of course, the incredible scenery including the formation of sand dunes. You will also find nearby North and South Manitou islands which are accessible by ferry.

There is an 1871 lighthouse alongside the 20 mile hiking trail that you can see. And if you are a history buff, there are plenty of tours to visit as well as a museum and learn about the rich history of the hills and the surrounding area.

Goblin Valley State Park on Green River, Utah

Don't let the name stop you - Goblin Valley is one of the most unique sandstone formations you'll find anywhere in the world. In fact, its landscape is often compared to that of Mars! With its strange and wonderful sandstone formation, you will feel as if you have entered another world. It's a once in a lifetime philosophy and you won't want to miss it!

Devil's Tower in Wyoming

Another unusual rock formation is the Devil's Tower in Wyoming. This amazing geological feature was formed by molten rock millions of years ago and has been able to stand the test of time. There are plenty of hiking trails to complete - or even rock climbing if you feel like it! But note that an annual climb is closed for the month of June to honor the site's Native American cultural significance.

White Sands National Park in New Mexico

White Sands National Park is so unique that it is home to a type of sand habitat that is rarely found anywhere else. It's called gypsum and it's very rare because it's actually moderately soluble in water - which means you won't find it on the beach. White Sands National Park is actually the largest gypsum mound field, covering 275 square miles.

The rarity of this landscape means that all its life and plants are protected. Which means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

Channel Islands National Park Ventura, Los Angeles

Despite being close to Los Angeles, Chanel Islands National Park is the second least visited park in California. This is great news for those who like to enjoy the beauty of nature in peace. It is a must visit place for activity lovers! There are plenty of hiking trails to explore such as the Smugglers Cave Trail.

If a day trip is not enough time for your island trip, there is also the option of camping on the island. Just make sure you pack light - it's a mile from the ferry to CampSite!

In view of the vastness of the United States, it is not surprising that there are some places that are hidden away from the snares of ordinary tourists. Whether it's a park, a lake or a place of recreation - there are plenty of unknown places to explore.

Which Hidden Gems Would You Like To Add To The List?


Waterfalls in northwestern Ireland

There are some great waterfalls in the northwest of Ireland, with high annual rainfall these waterfalls in Ireland often flow wildly and offer great views and perfect photo-opportunities.

These waterfalls in Ireland are often associated with great hiking trails, giving the best glimpses of the Irish countryside as well as the best views.

Such Irish sights are often well maintained and have walking paths. We’ve seen a few of them ourselves and give us a run to see our best waterfalls in northwestern Ireland, we hope you can visit one or two.

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Some of the best waterfalls in northwestern Ireland

If you visit northwestern Ireland, be sure to visit some of these waterfalls.

See also: Exploring the coasts of Belfast and Northern Ireland

Glenker Falls

Located just off Glencar Lough and a short walk through the trees you can see Glencar Falls. This waterfall stands 50 feet high and is always flowing. There are fruit viewing platforms for getting closer to the fall and for photo opportunities.

Glenker Falls in Ireland
Glenker Falls

There is a short walking track of 0.48 km through the trees and green areas in a loop track around the waterfall and back to the beginning.

At the end of the track, you will find a cafe for all your refreshments, including a children's play area and a small shop.

You can also enjoy the sights of Glencar Lough. Located in the middle of the hill, Laf offers excellent views and is home to many aquatic activities such as stand up paddle boards and canoeing.

Glenker Falls is also known as the inspiration for the Irish poet William Butler Yates and features of his poems. 'Stolen children'

Glenker jumps in Ireland
Glenker jump

The devil's chimney

At 492 feet, Devil Chimney is the largest waterfall in Ireland. Just a few minutes drive along Glencar Lough just before Glencar Falls, this waterfall has a harder track than its neighbors and a 30-minute mid-grade hike to get to.

The name Devil's Chimney means currents as opposed to altitude, which means that during certain seasons the waterfall falls above and behind the hill from which it falls.

You’ll find spectacular views of the mountains on the way up and down the glare on the Glenker Lore.

View below from Devil's Chimney Walk
View below from Devil's Chimney Walk

Fowley's Falls

Fowley's Falls is a unique looking waterfall because it is not a single drop waterfall. Instead the cascade becomes a cascade of countless small waterfalls over an open bed, creating a beautiful view that you must see.

The name was taken from the apparent real owner of the land to pay homage to him and his family.

The pole is an Easa

Paul Ann Isa Falls is a waterfall in the Balinamore area of ​​County Leitrim, unknown to many due to its rural location and access to windy country roads.

The waterfall has access to its own small stream for walking and enjoying the Irish countryside. A picnic area is also located on the site and even some local donkeys favor the opposite land for photo opportunities.

Paul An Isa is one of the unique waterfalls in Ireland
Pole is an Easa waterfall

Asaranka Falls

Asaranka Falls is a stunning waterfall in the north of Donegal, which makes this waterfall even more beautiful amidst the Irish green. The waterfall starts in small streams from the top of the hill, descends and merges into a beautiful wide strong body of water and descends into a small pond at the bottom.

The waterfall is easy to find because it can be seen from the roadside parking lot, although walking around is still a good option to appreciate this spectacular fall — you can hear the sound of the water crashing and feel the energy for yourself.

Respect the land

As mentioned, these places of interest have been kept in good condition and we hope that people will keep them as they are. There are some people who go on track to find the best picture or any other reason, but the land should be respected. It is also worth noting that many areas are adjacent or sometimes private within this area. Often, live cattle can be free and unpredictable to roam, especially during the sheep rearing season, so pay attention to all paths and signs.

More waterfalls in Ireland

If you are traveling around Ireland and want to see some more waterfalls, we recommend visiting some popular waterfalls.

First, and perhaps the most popular in Ireland, is the Powerscort in Co Wicklow. Nestled in the stunning Wicklow Mountains, this 121 meter waterfall is worth a beautiful natural drive.

Second, County Kerry's Torque Falls is an impressive 20-meter high, but 110-meter cascading waterfall.

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When is the best time to see waterfalls in Ireland?

Great to see waterfalls for most of the year, with high average rainfall in Ireland. However, our choice will be spring time as the winter cold has gone but the summer crowd has not yet arrived, so it is not so busy - it gives you time to see and explore more waterfalls. Spring is also a great time to camp in Ireland!


8 day Sicily itinerary – Travel friends

Sicily is certainly a part of Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean which makes it famous. This stunning island is one of the twenty regions of Italy and is famous for things like Mount Etna, the Roman Theater of Taurmina, as well as the bustling city of Palermo - which is an attraction in its own right and must include your Sicilian itinerary.

Sicily is an island with the perfect combination of beautiful landscapes, fantastic beaches, incredible cuisine and one of the best climates in Europe, so it's no surprise that the island is a favorite among travelers and holiday makers alike.

So, let us show you what an 8 day Sicily trip can be like.

Explore the fishing village on your Sicilian itinerary
Aspra is a traditional fishing village with colorful boats in Sicily.

Here's how to plan an eight-day Sicily trip

Let's start your Sicily trip to Palermo.

Day 1-3: Palermo

You will start your dream trip to Sicily, starting from the capital city Palermo which is famous for its beautiful waterfalls and glorious piazza. But mostly for its incredible food culture - which is one of the main reasons you stay in Italy?

Sicilian cuisine attracts a lot of people outside of this world and for this reason alone, and one of the main attractions you can't ignore is the ancient La Vuquiria food market. This market holds social significance in the city as well as plays a central role here. This iconic food market where you can eat all kinds of delicious and local street food, locals can enjoy Dolls Vita as well as embrace the lively environment, which makes it a wonderful place.

To get here, leave Piazza Caracciolo, Palermo anytime from 7am to 7pm Monday - Saturday. Palermo is an ideal place to try some famous street food arancini (Italian rice balls) and Sphinx (Sicilian pizza), as well as take cooking classes to learn the secrets behind these mouth watering recipes. If you feel adventurous, be sure to try the famous beef spleen sandwich Bread like mesa.

With a full belly, you are ready for some of the best attractions in Palermo these days.

  • Cattedrale di Palermo: This impressive Roman Catholic church dates back to 1185, and is one of the most significant buildings in the city. It is open Monday-Saturday from 7am to 7pm and on Sundays from 8am to 7am.
  • Palazzo dei Normani: It is one of the best-preserved examples of Arabic-Norman-Byzantine architecture and can be visited from Mon-Sat 8: 30-4: 30 and Sunday 8: 30-12: 30. pm
  • Teatro Massimo: Italy's largest opera house and the third largest in the world.

If you find yourself with time on your hands and looking to do more, be sure to add this optional attraction to your list.

  • St. John of the Hermits: A medieval Norman church with impressive Arab-Norman architecture. You can go Monday-Saturday 9: 30-6: 30 and Sunday morning 9: 30-1: 30.
  • Balero Market: Another market for more delicious Sicilian food as well as clothing experience. You can find some mouth watering fruits, cheese, fresh fish and local vegetables. Mon-Sat 7:30 am-8:30 pm/ Sun 7:30 am-2pm.
Palermo, Sicily
View of Palermo with old houses and monuments.

Day 3-5: Taormina

Today, you'll leave Palermo and follow the north coast to Taormina, stopping at Sefalu একটি a stunning seaside village আগে before heading to the east coast of the island. Taormina is a fantastic resort town, which is definitely worth a visit. On your first evening, be sure to take a walk down the busy main street of Corso Umberto and choose a bar or restaurant to spend the evening.

After dinner, why not take an open-air performance at a Greek theater that guarantees a great 3rd-century experience, as well as the unsatisfactory view of the famous Mount Athena in the distance.

The next day, this beautiful coastal town has a lot of activities you can enjoy, including:

  • Resting on a beach like Isola Bella.
  • Enjoying the panoramic view from the Piazza IX Aprile, which has the best views of the city and Mount Atner and is open 24 hours a day to enjoy.
  • For more incredible city and sea views, the Chesapeake Madonna della Rocco is a peaceful place to relax and a place to enjoy a glass of local wine. Mon-Sun 8: 30-6 p.m.
  • The Alcantara Gorge, a 50-minute walk from Taormina and a geological wonder, is the perfect place to visit to see the majestic waterfalls and take a fresh dip in the Alcantara River.

Spend your second evening in Palermo listening to live music and enjoying some delicious Italian food in town.

Tip: Godfather fans can visit some of the movie's film locations in Savoka, just outside Taormina, which was used as the fictional city of Corleone.

Taormina, Sicily
Taormina, Sicily, Italy. Beautiful ancient theater of Taormina. Ancient Greek theater, significant landmark ruins. Amazing view of the Etna volcano from the auditorium. Fantastic cityscape of Taormina.

Day 5-6: Catania

After breakfast, you will leave Taormina and go to Catania. However, along the way you must stop at Mount Etna, one of the island's most famous attractions. This active stratovolcano is the longest volcano in Europe and amazes many visitors with the mere sight of this natural attraction. You can either take the Mt Etna Trail, which is about 1-hour return and medium grade, or spend some time enjoying the view and endless photo opportunities before you head to Catania.

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Note:: Although Italy is not usually an unsafe place to travel, you should be aware of pickpockets and petty thefts, especially in tourist areas, so be careful and take care of your valuables in such places.

Catania is Sicily's second largest city and is a place you can't ignore your Sicilian travel plans. On arrival, expect to be greeted by a magnificent view of Mount Atner, which forms the iconic backdrop of this stunning city. Here you will spend the evening absorbing the city environment in all its glory, which is evident in the Piazza Duomo.

The next day you will have a full day exploring the sights of the city, including:

  • Palazzo Biscuit: Complete with stunning frescoes, check out this magnificent palace for its incredible Catanese Baroque architecture. Considering that this historic site is now being used for concerts, check out their website for upcoming missing events. Mon-Sun 10am-1am.
  • The Cathedral of Catania: This beautiful and historic cathedral is centrally located, so there is no reason to miss the amazing Baroque architecture that makes it so popular. Look for domed roofs, columnar facades, and countless frescoes that can be admired for hours on end. Dedicated to the patron saint of Catania, St. Agatha, whose festival is held from 3 February.rd - 5M. Mon-Sat 10:30 am-12pm/4pm-5:30pm, closed Sunday.

When you visit Catania, be sure to refresh yourself with a cold and fruitful drink from one of the historic Catania kiosks of the 1800s, and many pizzas are available, especially at Piazza Amberto. Catania Enjoy another beautiful evening, with a delicious local dinner Pasta Alla Norma (Pasta and eggplant) and a stunning sunset over Mount Etner, take in everything you encounter today as part of your 8-day Sicilian itinerary.

A kiosk in Catania, Sicily
A kiosk in Catania, Sicily.

Day 6-8: Syracuse

Today, after a fresh and delicious Italian breakfast, in addition to some world-famous coffee, you will set yourself up for the day and make your way to Syracuse, an ideal place to discover its attractions as well as stay close to some major stops. - Off point too. On the way here, you will stop at the archaeological site of Agrigento, one of the most notable historical sites on the island. After being amazed at the various fascinating ruins, you'll continue on to Syracuse, where more adventure awaits.

On your first day in Syracuse, you will have the opportunity to discover many things, including:

  • Fontana Diana by Piazza Archimedes: Around 1907, it was a major feature of the city of Syracuse, dedicated to the goddess Diana.
  • Ortigia, which is accessed by a bridge and is famous for its incredible Baroque style Piazza del Duomo - one of the best in Italy.

On your second day in Syracuse, you will visit Modica, a haven for sweet tooth, as it is famous for Modica chocolates - which you can taste and of course take home. The city is famous for its beautiful layout of historic buildings, its chocolate museum and its narrow, picturesque streets.

Before heading back to Catania for your last evening in Sicily, you will spend the rest of your days happily wandering around this beautiful mountain town, closing your 8-day Sicilian itinerary.

Syracuse, Sicily Island
Syracuse, Sicily Island, Italy: Night view of the fountains of Arethusa, Ortigia, Syracuse, a historic town on the island of Sicily in Italy.

Plan your trip to Sicily

If you are a traveler who loves to give back to the community, be sure to book your trip with Baboo Travel. You can be sure that your well-earned money has been spent on community projects, fighting climate change as well as empowering local people for development. And, at the same time, you will have a dedicated destination expert from start to finish to ensure your Sicily itinerary is exactly as you expected with local experience and knowledge.

Get out of the hassle and stress of planning, save your hours and research time, and choose an eco-friendly way to travel to Sicily with a tailor-made trip made by Babu and experts.


Sentinel Islands: The Higher Route of Lake Superior

The Apostolic Islands of northern Wisconsin is a cluster of islands in Superior Lake, most of which are part of the protected Apostolic Islands national lakeshore. Although comprised of 22 island chains, there are more than 22 reasons for hiking, kayaking, camping, exploring local culture, enjoying local fish fry and much more.

Located between Milwaukee (6 hours by car) and Minneapolis (4 hours by car), the islands are a popular warm climate destination for families in the area, and hard enough for those who enjoy ice fishing in the winter. Here's how to make the most of this area.

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Madeleine Island

Madeleine Island

The largest island in the cluster - more than 13 miles long and six miles wide - is larger than Manhattan. The mainland town of Bayfield, Madeleine Island, is served by a car and passenger ferry several times per hour on a mere 15-minute trip per hour.

Madeline is not the only NPS in the Apostle Islands (because many homeowners shop there) and provides an ideal introduction to the area's rich history and leisure opportunities.

The Madeleine Museum The island's indigenous peoples have both intricate beaded costumes and wooden dolls played by children, known as the Anishinabe, and the modern works of art of their descendants. The attached 1800s log cabin is full of tools, clothing and other patterns from Europeans who settled in the area, and the original Fresnel Crystal lens from the important 1852 lighthouse on nearby Raspberry Island is also on display.

Big Bay State Park Offers a popular beach destination with a lovely lagoon. The long sandy beach is surrounded by old-growth pine trees and easy hiking trails suitable for young children, including a wooden walkway, kayak hire and campsite.

Another feature of Madeleine Island is that most of the features include the native language. You'll find "Ikewag" and "Ininiwag" among the signs for women and men in the bathroom amenities, and you'll see English as well as local names on the hiking trail with tree and plant identification.

Other apostolic islands

Devil's Island Sea Cave | Photo: Evelyn Canter

Devil's Island The most dramatic of the group, with a network of coastal marine caves caused by millions of years of erosion of sandstone. Legend has it that the original settlers, Ojibwe (Chippewa), thought that the whistling wind through the caves sounded like the cry of a devil, hence the name. It is a dream destination for kayakers, hikers, border guards, lighthouse fans and of course photographers.

The most historic Manitou Island, Only still with its original native name. The restored "fish camp" of the 1800s, with log cabins where fishermen spent weeks to process their catches, including their smoking, could be visited during the season. Similarly the lighthouse of 1852 is in operation Raspberry Island.

The easiest way to sample the islands is through a popular three-hour sightseeing cruise from Bayfield, the largest city in the area and exploring the kayak and bike rental base. Or, rent a sailing boat that will allow you to dock and explore.


Small Marine Museum Explore the area's history, including the wreckage of 350 ships in the area. Downtown is a typical small resort town, with boutiques and art galleries between restaurants, ice cream shops and a waterfront park and coupolas. Don't forget to stop by Bodin Fisheries Fresh smoked local fish or fish belly, probably for a picnic Maya BeachMile-long mainland beaches that are also part of the national lakeshore title.

Fruit loop

A cherry orchard

No, we're not talking about breakfast cereals, but the abundant orchards and orchards in Bayfield, where apples, pears, cranberries, cherries, blackberries and strawberries are grown. One of the oldest farms Ericsson Gardens, Now in third generation and fourth generation training. During the season, Ericsson presses 250 gallons of cider per day, selling most of it in nearby boutique wineries and distilleries, including the only Native American-owned Native American land.

Copper Crow Distillery

Founder Kurt and wife Linda Basina are members of the Red Cliff Band of the Ojibway / Chippewa Lake Superior Tribe. They use Ericsson cider to make a strong apple brandy, which is a key ingredient to many Wisconsin official cocktails একটি a brandy that looks old-fashioned. The Copper Crow Distillery also uses ash from local cheese production to produce vodka. It is sweet and very unique with a touch of light.

Bang Bay Tribal National Park

Located on tribal land, the 300-acre Frog Bay Tribal National Park is the first tribal national park in the United States. The trails here are in a more natural state than the NPS National Park, which means they are rougher and less trafficked, which only increases their appeal.

Where to eat

At Bayfield, Pier Plaza It features steps from the named pier, and features wood-powered pizzas, burgers and local fish. Fat radish One of the few year-round choices offering an innovative menu focusing on seafood. It is about 15 minutes down a country road from Cornukopia, Bayfield.

Friday Fish Fry Dinner is a tradition in most parts of Wisconsin. Depending on the season, it is caught from trout, white fish or herring Michigan Lake or Lake Superior, then lightly beaten and pan-fried or grilled. Of course, Wisconsin is famous for its cheese, and cheese yogurt offers a popular appetizer or snack. They are thick and fried, and absolutely addictive; Hard to find food without them, Wisconsin microbrewery is washed by such spotted cows, which are not shipped out of state lines.

Where to stay

Legendary water

Red Cliff manages the band The legendary Waters Lakeshore Resort and Casino, Open all year round. Each house has a picture-postcard view of the lake and the nearby Apostolic Islands.

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Travelers will love the 25 festival events each holiday

Note: All travel is subject to changeable government restrictions frequently - please check federal, state and local advice before scheduling a trip.

Does it drive you crazy the day after Halloween when department stores flood their shelves with holiday products? We don't! We believe that the sooner the holiday season starts, the better, and that's because, from coast to coast, the US is engrossed in festive activity - from glittering boat parades to dragging Queen Spectators! So much so that we have created an advent calendar of holiday activities for travelers - up to a Christmas for each day in December.

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Hanukkah's Eight Nights (November 28-December 5) begins earlier this year, and again San Francisco celebrates its annual favorite Jewish holiday. The Bill Graham Menorah ProjectA daily light (also presented virtually) of its huge menu at Union Square.

If you think Griswolds is lighting up their house for the holidays, wait until you walk down the street in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Ozark's light (November 20-January 1) More than 400,000 downtown lights, as well as holiday music and winter treats for everyone.

If you run a wine-swelling boss, go to the charming Walla, Washington Holiday Barrel Testing Weekend (December 3-5). Think three days of wine, art, food, and music. Bonus: Annual Walla Walla Light Parade Same happens this weekend!

Holly Foley's Jingle Bell Run | Photo: Provincetown Business Guild

Instead of a Holly Jolie Christmas, how about a Holly Foley (December 3-5) A Holiday performance from the Holy Foley Shop, Hop & Stroll, Jingle Bell Run and Champagne Branch and Boston Gay Men's Chorus in Provincetown, Massachusetts?

All ships! Sunny Tampa, Florida Thanks for going all out this season Winter Village in Curtis Hickson Park (November 19-January 2) where visitors can order a festive drink from Icicle Craft Kitchen, ice skating with views of the Tampa Riverwalk, get gifts from a winter village shop, or take a Curtis Hickson Chu Chu ride.

Avoid skiing and go instead Christmas at Gaylord Rockies (November 19-January 2) in Aurora, Colorado. The resort is dazzling with its over-the-top lobby, snow tubing, a gingerbread sorting corner and its multi-sensory experience. Mission: Save the Elf featured Christmas.

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The best place for ice skating in the country is ... Honolulu, of course! Lace up Happy winter (December 1-24) at the Hawaii Convention Center which receives a full holiday makeover. Also check out Chinatown Winter Walk And Honolulu City Lights 37th Anniversary.

The North Pole City, Alaska (near Fairbank) is the most famous অপেক্ষা wait for it দিন Christmas! Head Santa Claus House Where visitors can shop at the Santa Workshop, take a picture with Santa on his sled and go to the Antler Academy যেখানে where the reindeer live.

Talk about holiday spirit: A country Christmas (November 12-January 2) The Gelard Aprilland Hotel & Resort in Nashville offers 3 million festival lights, carriage rides, carols, pictures with Santa, winter activities at Pinettop Village and an Oak Ridge Boys Holiday Show.

To be able to Disney's Magic Kingdom Get even more magic? Yes, Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. Get your advance ticket here and earn Orbucks travel dollars to boot.

Aren't you brave? If so, wear some gay clothes (a red speedo is preferred) and hit the road for it Santa Speedo Run, Dash one mile through Metro Atlanta. If you are more adventurous, you can run to Chicago or Boston, where the event started. Brother!

Bind yourself. Michigan has a year-round vacation shop that is 1.5 times the size of a football field. Bronner Christmas Wonderland It is the largest of its kind in Frankenmouth and offers everything from interior and exterior decor to birth scenes, Santa suits and more.

Photo: Jason Heidemann

Going to Sin City for Christmas Veg-Cash? If you feel the need for speed, go Bright light (November 12-January 9) at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This Drive-Through Holiday Spectacular features 3 million lights and 170 illuminated trees spread across a 2.5 mile track.

Houston's animals snooze, walk through a 125-foot tunnel of light, sit on an ice throne, and take pictures of the social distance with Santa. Zoo lights (November 15-January 9), an annual tradition at the Houston Zoo.

'It's working season! Join Tulsa host Trinity The Tuck and Monet X Change for sex-curved spectacles A Drag Queen Christmas. Not in Oklahoma? (Oh wait, it's Oklahoma.) No problem; This show travels throughout the holiday season.

Even on a sunny SoCal, it's best to wear a sweater at night, especially when viewing festive yachts, boats and kayak rides along the harbor for 113.M Annual Newport Beach Christmas Light Cruise (December 15-19), a favorite Orange County heritage.

How about a bird's eye view on the holidays? After sipping wine and sampling samples at Strobel Winery in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, boarded a helicopter. Twilight flight, Town and waterfall park a helicopter ride over winter wonderland. Reservations required.

Many cities have them, but those will reject one Ugly sweater bar crawl Asheville, the capital of Blue Ridge Brew in North Carolina? Admissions include a holiday tea, discounted drink prices, a digital map of the crawl, and ugly sweater after the party.

Visit the historic Olivera Street in Los Angeles and join the city's vibrant Latino community inns (December 16-24), a nine-night celebration of Mary and Joseph's trip to Bethlehem with bilingual caroling, pinatas and live entertainment.

Need a skull ornament or tooth-shaped earrings for someone special on your tree? Head over Blue Genie Art Market (November 19-December 24) Austin is an annual holiday in Texas and home to all sorts of weird and wonderful products made by local artisans.

More naughty than the Always Lounge and Theater, of course, is the location of a strange cabaret in the Margini neighborhood of New Orleans. Just tie yourself up for one night All I want for XXXmas is you: a tribute to Maria Kerry (Of course dragged).

Ever dreamed of breaking through the snow of thousands of wild elk? Packed on level for Slay rides at the National Elk Refuge (December 14-23, and through the spring) Waves to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and hundreds of grazing elk, plus coyotes, foxes, bison and more.

Shopping for last minute gifts? Don't look any further Christkindlmarket (November 19-December 24), an annual Chicago tradition inspired by the city's German immigrants and featuring grilled brats, spicy wines, festive music and Christmas ornaments made in German handicrafts.

Wondering if Santa Claus hangs out at Santa Fe? If you're vacationing in New Mexico, visit the Spanish-colored capital for its annual Walking to Farolito the day before Christmas Where gallery-lined Canyon Road is illuminated with thousands of Farolito-aka burning lanterns.

Photo: Tishman Spear-photographer Bert Barlow.

This is the most wonderful time of the year in NYC. Go to Midtown to see the iconic Rockefeller Christmas treeWalk past the ornate display windows at Bloomie's, Massey's and Sax, then take the subway to Brooklyn to explore the glitter. Dyker Heights Holiday Light.

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16 Things You Need To Do In Dubai

Note: All travel is subject to changeable government restrictions frequently - please check federal, state and local advice before scheduling a trip.

From world-record-breaking architecture to future achievements of wonder, Dubai is a thriving city where cultural heritage sights are reflected as a fishing village. If you've always been curious about seeing this for yourself, now may be a good time: Dubai Expo 2020 was supposed to be hosted, a world fair originally scheduled to begin in October 2020, but due to the epidemic it is now happening until March. 2022 instead. Whether you're exploring new offers like the World's Fair or digging into the past of the city on a market or river trip, use this list to help you have all the tops in Dubai.

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Visit Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall

Flickr CC: Srikant Seker

Dubai Mall offers top fashion and culinary brands, but also attractive attractions of your time and money. At the top will be a memorable experience - Burj Khalifa. This ticketed entry point to Dubai's highest skyscraper zips visitors up to the 124th floor-outdoor terrace and the Sky Lounge up to one floor. Also skate at the Dubai Mall, an indoor Olympic ice rink or visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

An Abra Ride

These small, motorized water taxis travel across Dubai Creek to Deira, the oldest part of Dubai and east of the creek, and the groom to Dubai, the accommodation of many hotels, shops and restaurants, and to the west. There are four stations: two in Deira and two in Bur Dubai. Along the water, stop to visit Dubai’s Spice and Gold Soak and enjoy the fresh air.

Shop for souk

No visit to Dubai would be complete without a visit to one of the city's hobbies or marketplaces. At night, The Gold Sock's jewelry merchants and designers offer simple or distinctive pieces. For spice souk — you guessed it পাশাপাশি pick spices as well as dried fruits and herbs such as saffron, frankincense, dates and cinnamon. At Perfume Soak, get a scent of it oud, A wood and musk oil. Burr supplies textile sock silk and other fabrics in Dubai. Explore The Souke The Dubai Mall Mall Edition and Souk Al Bahar.

Put your foot in the Dubai frame

Flickr CC: Ashwin Kumar

In Jabel Park, this glittering golden rectangle metaphorically connects the city's past and present. Walk along a chronological path to the initial milestones with the now-retired tradition of sock visuals and pearl diving. Reach the top of the frame bridge with a lift to see the Burj Khalifa, Dubai International Financial Center, Dubai Mall and other landmarks. Go back and discover the future of Dubai with its technological and scientific advances.

Make a mistake at the Dubai Fountain

Flickr CC: Christian Van Elven

Las Vegas has Bellagio, but Dubai also has a choreographed fountain system. Next to Burj Khalifa Lake in suburban Dubai, this dance water show shoots more than 22,000 gallons of H2O to the tune of contemporary Arabic and world music, with colorful and illuminated jets. Presentations are twice a day, with the exception of Fridays, where evening programs begin at sunset and end at 11pm half an hour earlier.

These man-made islands are one of the most famous landmarks in Dubai. Shaped like a palm tree, the Palm Jumeirah Islands have a monorail that connects it to the mainland tram system. Discover high quality hotels including Amusement Park, Aquaventure Waterpark, Lost Chambers Aquarium, celebrity-driven restaurants, and even the famous Atlantis, The Palm.

Enjoy the city by the sand and the sea

Care to see Dubai from another perspective? Take a safety lesson on a HERO OdySea boat trip, before boarding a speedboat along the Arabian Gulf, and before heading to Burj Al Arab and the mega-resort Atlantis, The Palm. Meanwhile, the Platinum Heritage Safaris takes 1950s Land Rovers to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve with stops to show off the Bedouin heritage of hawks; Guests will also experience a traditional Bedouin camp.

Enjoy some beach time

Dubai offers numerous beaches, but leave wine and scampi clothing at home. In Jumeirah, Kite Beach attracts kite-surfers and SEP-ars and volleyball players in its white sand. A range of non-sporting activities from a jungle gym park, a children’s waterpark and food trucks and cafes. Surfers flock to Sunset Beach against the backdrop of Burj Al Arab and Umm Sukim Park. Jumeirah Beach Residences or JBR Beach is quite a hotspot for adult and children's playgrounds. It connects to Bluewater Island, an activity center.

Taste the Emirati food

Influenced by the Bedouin tribes, Emirati cuisine uses dates, lentils, saffron, cardamom and other ingredients in sweet dumplings known as carbohydrates, meat and dairy-based foods such as meat and wheat-centered harris or lukaimat. Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Caf offers traditional outdoor dining services. The Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding organizes culinary educational programs where Al Fana's restaurants and cafes reflect the atmosphere of a businessman's backyard.

Listen to opera music

Flickr CC: Francisco Anzola

To create an "opera district" in downtown Dubai, Dubai Opera is eyeing its own rights. Made in the shape of an Arab dho ship, the layout of this building can vary from a concert hall, to a regular hall, to a flat floor. There are also a variety of performances, including theater, ballet, concerts and art exhibitions.

Discover the past of Dubai

Near Dubai Creek, the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood reflects living in the mid-19th century with the rebuilt buildings of artistic and cultural sites, including the Coffee Museum. The Etihad Museum in Jumeirah commemorates the founding years of the UAE, when the Dubai Museum, located at Al Fahidi Fort in Bur Bur, explores everyday city life before the discovery of oil in the 1960s.

Hit the slope

Flickr CC: Timo Tarvo

Yes, you can participate in this winter sport all year round in Dubai, despite the summer temperatures hovering around the 100's. Just go ski to Dubai, an interior winter wonderland of the Emirates inside the mall where you can take winter sports to another level with a bobsled run, a sliding heel, a slope, a playground and a ski school. Penguin Encounter is home to notorious animals such as the Gentoo and the King Penguin.

Creative space support

Ulcerkal Avenue is a storefront and development hub for both the creative industry and nonprofits located in the Al Quwaz industrial area in the UAE. Sneaker Store, and Mirzam Chocolate Makers which makes beautifully packaged bars at its onsite factory.

See Dragon's La Parle

Like a Cirque du Soleil show, La Perle by Dragone's story features acrobatics and aerial feats. Based on The Atrium in Al Habtur City, the show's tailor-made aquatic stage is a headliner as cast members drown or drown in its waters.

Learn about Islam

The Muslim Azan for prayers, also known as Azan, is performed five times a day. While in Dubai, it is common to hear this reminder. The Jumeirah Mosque, cited as one of only two mosques in the UAE where non-Muslims can visit, offers an opportunity to learn more about Islam. The tour of the Jumeirah Mosque is scheduled through the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding and takes place twice daily except Fridays.

Take me to a garden

Flickr CC: Out of school

Go to an attraction that blooms according to the season. Open from mid-November to mid-May, the Dubai Miracle Garden presents a floral fantasyland. The world’s largest natural flower garden features a castle from the Gazebos, a mix of themed and colorful constructions of everything from different characters. There is also a butterfly park in the garden. Not bad for an oasis in the desert.

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The hottest LGBTQ event is taking place in December

Note: All travel is subject to changeable government restrictions frequently - please check federal, state and local advice before scheduling a trip. All information is present as the best of our knowledge as of date of publication.

Feeling festive? If you’re here, you’re curious, and you want to enjoy some holiday fun, there are plenty of things to do in December. Think speedo-clad runners, drag extravaganza, NYE bash and more. Before heading out, check to make sure events are still happening and be aware that some participants may need to be fully vaccinated.

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A Drag Queen Christmas: Multiple Cities

As the host of Trinity the Tuck and Monet X Change Drag (pun intended!) It is a crossdressing Christmas for all of us, William, Sasha Vellore, Shea Cooley, Zaida Essence Hall and a group of notable queens across the country like Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, LA, Orlando, Portland, and elsewhere, including city stops. In fact, the show officially kicks off in Detroit on November 10, so Cucumber went to their official website and snatched a few tickets to a town near you.

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Key West NYE High Heel Shoe Drop

Photo: Andy Newman / Florida Kiss News Bureau

This is a NYE tradition suitable for the Cookie Conch Republic. During a midnight stroke in front of the nearby LGBTQ Bar Bourbon Street Pub, local drag queen Sushi wrapped herself in a huge red high heel and was then lowered from a height of 20 feet. Expect to see all of Key West in the presence of weird people dressed in festive costumes, from little kids' families to bachelors.

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Masterbit New: Los Angeles

Photo: Courtesy of Masterbit

Angels City gets quite cold in December, but lots of sweat and heat can be expected at this huge La La Land NY party, which claims to be the largest in the world. This year's theme is Under the Big Top (yes, we're laughing too) and this 3-ring circus includes 8 ringmasters to help in the new year. It started on December 30 and will continue till 2022. You have been warned.

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Puerto Vallarta NYE

Why spend just one night celebrating New Year's Eve when you can do seven instead? Yes, Puerto Vallarta NYE 2022 (December 28-January 4) is a spinoff of the famous White Party, and offers seven sunny days at the undisputed Quier Paradise in coastal Mexico, with which seven nights wild party is organized. DJ in the scene. For PV weather in December ... it's close enough.

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The Return of the Jinkox Monsoon and Della Holiday Show, Live !: Multiple Cities

Photo: Gigi Lee

Take good care, you won't cry… well you can cry tears of laughter as drag stars Jinkox Monsoon and Della (aka Bendelacrum) spread across the country with their songs and dances and sass-filled holiday outings. The show kicks off on Nov. 30 in Portland, Maine, and includes stops in most major cities along the way. But both of these queens come from the Pacific Northwest, so this is the five-night Seattle Residency in Neptune (December 21-24, 26) which we want to see very badly.

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San Juan Winter Pridefest

Puerto Rico, we love you. When we feel blue in winter, you are the sure antidote. Winter Pridefest (December 9-13) Caribbean LGBTQ offers a dazzling shot of vitamin D in the capital, with beautiful beaches, dozens of live performances, circuit parties and more.

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Santa Speedo Run: Multiple Cities

Photo: Rodney Brown (Flickr, Creative Commons)

It began in December 2000 with five people running through the streets of Boston, with nothing but skimpy swimsuits and Santa hats, and since then it has become an annual tradition that has grown to millions and - not surprisingly - co-opted by the LGBTQ community. Nowadays clothing has become increasingly foreign (leather fetish Rudolph, anyone?), And since 2000 the race has spread to other cities across the country, including Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, and San Francisco. In 2020, the Boston race was in small teams to accommodate the epidemic, so we imagine there will be this year's Bintown race (and other cities too)!

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Vintage hotel that brings roaring twenties to the 2020s

Note: All travel is subject to changeable government restrictions frequently - please check federal, state and local advice before scheduling a trip.

We're good at the new Roaring Twenty, although the first few years of this decade didn't really feel like much of a roar (thanks, Epidemic). But now that travelers are getting ready to roar again, what could be a better place to start your 2020s journey than a hotel that pays homage to the same decade, but a century ago? These ornate Art Deco features enchant decor-inspired decor, experience and modern comfort in the 2020s, but with a distinct 1920s feel. That means you can channel your internal flapper, and Instagram still has all the technology needed to capture it!

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Photo courtesy of The Savvy London

Savoy London's Beaufort Bar has a decaying black and gold Great Gatsby Vib, but the whole atmosphere of this classic London property will make you feel like you're lagging behind in time, as the band plays classics from the next room while you sip your champagne from your velvet club chair.

Photo courtesy of The Spectator

The hotel combines a touch of Southern charm with Art Deco style, in a way that evokes both retro glamor and homespun style. The Spectator’s lobby is decorated with vintage furniture and abstract art while The Bar, the hotel’s ban-era-inspired cocktail lounge, pours classic hand-made cocktails with south-inspired bites. Say hi to Daisy Buchanan, a peacock hiding in the corner of a hotel room.

Photo courtesy of The Breakers

Although this timeless property was first opened in 1896, it was rebuilt after being destroyed by fire in 1926 and was designed with complete inspiration from the Italian Renaissance. Today, The Breakers is the only major hotel in the United States more than 100 years old and still under the same original family ownership (inherited from founder Henry Flagler). It develops independently of any chain affiliation and boasts a timeless, retrospective-dazzling feeling.

Fairmont Royal York has existed since 1929 and its decor pays homage to the golden age of railway exploration. They have been serving afternoon tea at the library bar since the beginning. This is exactly what will happen where the royal family is when they are in town!

Photo courtesy of London House

Located in the 1923 London Guarantee Building, the hotel features a 1920s-inspired design with ornate art-deco interiors. Keep your eyes peeled for intricate geometric themes and even architectural style signature features like flapper bead illumination. Don't miss LondonHouse's Jazz Edge-inspired bar on the 21st floor.

The Seelbach "Hilton" Hotel was built in 1905 in downtown Louisville by brothers Louis and Otto Sealbach, and has an old world feel with centuries of Beaux-Arts Baroque architecture. This is the same hotel. The notorious bootlegger, George Remus, met Scott Fitzgerald during the ban; The meeting inspired J. Gatsby's character from his 1925 novel The Great Gatsby. The most legendary gangster of the 1920s, Al Capone, is said to have kept a secret passage from the hotel for easy escape while playing cards or smuggling. After an initial expansion in 1907, the Rathscaler was added to the hotel basement. It even has a Bavarian-style repository made of Rookwood pottery and is one of the only surviving parts of its kind.

The Fontainebleau is one of the top luxury boutique hotels in Kansas City, a city that flourished in the 1920s with illicit alcohol, bootleggers and spicies. In celebration of the Roaring Twenties, The Fontaine Parker even offers bi-weekly "Forbidden Nights" events that combine the concept of spiceCC and a sophisticated environment where wet and dry for bee hives can come together.

Photo courtesy of InterContinental

The Vanderbilt family financed this luxurious Manhattan hotel, which opened its doors in 1926. Originally planned as part of the design of the Grand Central Terminal, it is now a glamorous window of 1920s New York with a Carrara marble grand staircase in the lobby and features like the Eagle Medallion. Door plates for each guest room. Many of its notable former guests include old-time movie greats like Bate Davis, Mary Pickford and Marlon Brando.

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