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Cliff diving is not for everyone to try, but it’s definitely fun to see professionals do it. High-rise clifftops and rock-tailed death-resisting jumps, flips and twists are some of the oldest extreme sports in the world. In fact, Greek and Etruscan paintings from the 5th and 6th centuries BC show cliff divers.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century: Cliff-diving daredevils, usually skilled locals trained to carry this athletic legacy, are seen performing for tourists in different parts of the world. If you want to see it for yourself, here are a few places where you can dive from the great heights of these brave or crazy (your choice) athletes who often Four times The height of the tallest diving platform at the Olympic Games, which is 10 meters high.

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Maximum height: 135 feet (41 meters)

Elvis La Quibrada helped make cliff divers famous. The jumpers were featured in his 1963 musical, “Fun in Acapulco,” and tourists have been flocking to see them ever since. They perform several times a day by scaling the steep cliffs of La Quibrada Cliff with their bare hands before jumping into the sea just 12 feet below sea level at a speed of 55 miles per hour. This scene must have an observation deck to watch and divers usually come to greet visitors later and receive tips. For the best convenience, however, visit the La Parla Restaurant in Acapulco, Hotel Mirador, which has spectacular views.

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Maximum height: 92 feet (28 meters)

This town on the coast of Amalfi provides a natural springboard for fjord cliff-diving athletes. Every July, it hosts a Mediterranean High-Diving Championship — an event best seen by renting a boat or joining a water-based voyage. Then, you can talk about insane acrobatics at an Italian feast and lots of local limonsello.

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Maximum height: 89 feet (27 meters)

The jump from the Old Bridge (Starry Most) to Mostar dates back to at least 184. At the same time, 16-year-old boys were encouraged to jump off the bridge as a right to enter masculinity. If you do not jump, your life is predicted to fail. (How is it for inspiration?) Today, members of the Mostar Diving Club regularly jump from the bridge into the frozen water below. Visitors who feel brave can sign up for the dive school, which is run by dive experts who are considered the guardians of the bridge. They will teach you how to jump safely, rising higher and higher. Those who complete the maximum dive go away with a certificate and a crazy story.

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Maximum height: 85 feet (26 meters)

This medieval village is best known for its stunning alpine scenery and fantastic hikes. It is the home of the World High Diving Federation (WHDF) and its cliffs host the WHDF Cliff Diving World Tour every July. Here you will find the best cliff divers in the world.

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Maximum height: 50 feet (15 meters)

La Cuebrada is not the only place in Mexico to find skilled cliff divers. Mazatlan is a mountain house in a seaside park, also known as El Clavadista (translation: “diver”). The park is a readily accessible area for skilled locals to watch elegantly jump into the water below. It has been a tradition since the mid-1950s and tips from visitors have been appreciated. Although the height of the Mazatlan Cliff is nowhere near as scary as La Quibrada, the shallowness of the water must be: it is only 6 feet. Divers have to perform very accurately to jump here.

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Maximum height: 35 feet (10.5 m)

With a little fluid courage, you can be inspired to jump with the locals. Negril’s Rick’s Caf is a sights for a sunset drink and an acrobatic show. While most sunburned tourists (quite hilariously) dive from the cannonball 35-foot cliff above this legendary bar, locals will mesmerize you with more impressive acrobatic dives in the lower Caribbean waters.

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Maximum height: 30 feet (9 meters)

Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa has maintained a tradition since its opening in 1963: the official cliff dive from Pu’u Keka, also known as Black Rock. The show takes place every night at sunset, with live music and guided historical narration. Dramatic Lele Kawa (Cliff Diving) pays homage to the legend of the last chief of Maui, who jumped from the sacred Puu Keka ‘into the Pacific Ocean. Through Hawaiian chanting and the light of a torch, a young diver returns to the top of the main footprint before making a breathtaking leap into the ocean below.

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Maximum height: 60 feet (18 meters)

Cliff diving in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Cliff diving in Dubrovnik, Croatia

In the wall town of Dubrovnik, spotting Game of Thrones Filming locations are not only for visitors. Just outside the 13th-century walls of the seaside town, you’ll see the Buza Bar, a popular outdoor wine setting next to the dramatic cliff. Below the bar is Buja Beach, which is not a beach at all but a set of cliffs and small platforms where locals and tourists test their strength by jumping into the Adriatic Sea about 60 feet below.

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Leave it to energy-drink brand Red Bull to sponsor the World Series for this high-risk, high-adrenaline extreme sport that makes the Olympic diving platform look like a children’s sport. Every year competitions are held in cities, towns and villages around the world, with dazzling spectators who can only imagine what it feels like to dive from such insane heights. Plan to be one of them — one The audienceCheck the Red Bull’s Cliff Diving World Series website for updates on where the competition will be held. Ireland, France, Norway, Azerbaijan কয়েকটি these are some of the countries that usually host competitions from June to October.

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