8 Great New Year’s Resolutions for Interested Travelers

Note: All travel is subject to changeable government restrictions frequently – please check federal, state and local advice before scheduling a trip.

Travel provides the perfect excuse to test some of your New Year’s resolutions. Whether you’re planning to visit a new place or learn a new skill, a vacation is always a good time to mark something off the checklist. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Admit it. When the epidemic hit, many of us thought it was time to brush up on the long-dormant language skills we had acquired back in school. But if the new year sees you still struggling with parlage-vowing French, it’s probably time to practice with real-life speakers. And you don’t have to go to France to do this. Quebec City, Canada offers a North American version of Francophilia, adding that most locals also speak English (including prompting). Of course, the appeal of Quebec City goes far beyond its language. It’s the only walled city in North America, so it’s great. You can easily wander around the walls for a day or two, a variety of artisan boutiques, galleries and restaurants, and one or two crappy paved streets. O la la. To get a full taste of historic Quebec City, book a stay here Fairmont Le Chateau FrontenacBuilt in 1894 for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Today, it is one of the most prominent landmarks in the city.

Whether you’re an Insta Rookie or you think of yourself as the next Ansel Adams, focus on visiting Yellowstone National Park in 2022. America’s first national park covers three states (Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho) and about 3,500 miles of fascinating land. Among the landscapes, abundant wildlife and spectacular geothermal features (I see you here, Old Faithful), there should be enough content for you to develop crazy photography skills. However, Yellowstone is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2022, so join the celebration by following the park on Instagram to stay on top of the planned events. Since park accommodations are often booked in advance, Find a room in West YellowstoneThe main entrance to the park.

While there are dozens of worthy outdoor recreations to choose from, spelling is something you can do in almost every state. For the initiates, spelling is the art of cave exploration, also known as caves. And if you’re going to burrow into the world, why not do it in the world’s longest known cave system? Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park is home to thousands of years of history and a rich diversity of flora and fauna. This is why it is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an international biosphere reserve. Both guided and self-guided cave tours are available year-round, with routes ranging from relatively easy to over-challenging. For a little fresh air, the park has miles and miles of hiking, biking and horseback riding, and plenty of fishing space. Stay In the nearby cave townWhich could be the home of the dinosaur world.

Four scores and seven years ago… .and then you draw a blank. A good way to re-memorize historical American classics is to read the lines drawn on the marble walls of the Lincoln Memorial. Washington, DC is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the monolithic dedication in 2022, so this is a good time to honestly visit Abe at the National Mall. For this themed adventure, book to stay here Near Eaton DCA hotel inspired by the historic political movement that fought for justice and progress.

How many states have you visited? Kansas is one of the least visited states in the bottom 48, so why not use Dodge City’s 150th anniversary as an excuse to finally visit the Sunflower State? Mossing on Wat Yarp Avenue in downtown Dodge City feels like setting foot on a movie set for Westerners. Dodge City developed as a frontier town in the Wild West, where outsiders and cowboys alike converged. Today, the Boot Hill Museum has a replica of Dodge City’s historic main street, including a church, a prison and a saloon, where you can dine up to the bar and have a snack. Here’s a night’s can-can show, to rearrange the daily gunfight and entertain your evening. If you’re really into the Old West scene, the best time to visit is Dodge City Day, when you can indulge your bronchabster fantasies by taking part in a radio and mounting a mechanical bull, buy some western-themed artwork, or observe the master horse’s whisper. Can. A stay at work The Dodge House Hotel and Convention Center will put you in the middle of it all.

Did you know that a study from the University of Exeter found that bird watching can have a positive effect on depression, anxiety and stress? Just spending time in nature can also help. On Plum Island, an eleven mile long barrier beach island off the coast of northeastern Massachusetts, you can discover old-school tweeting. Although named for the wild plums that grow along its rolling hills, this small part of heaven is also well-known for its international bird habitat. Parker River Shelter At the northern tip of the island is a 4,662-acre wetland that serves as a habitat for about 300 bird species. After you finish shaking your head, head to the neighboring Newburyport, which is packed with views of antiques, stylish boutiques, gorgeous bakeries and a thriving restaurant. Is a convenient place to stay Essex Street Inn and Suite, A historic inn located on a tree-lined street in downtown Newburyport. The port of the city is in the corner.

You can sign up for a holiday cooking class to learn a local cuisine or you can learn something as simple as how to properly shake an oyster. Well, maybe not learning to shake oysters at the top of the list of many resolutions, but still, it’s a good excuse to look at the North Carolina Outer Banks. After years of over-harvesting oyster populations in these parts, a new crop on the farm has revived a long-standing tradition. Check them out by following NC Oyster Trail, A project that connects market, restaurant and oyster farm tours Somewhere along the way, someone will teach you how to open rough things. Of course, the attractions of the Outer Banks extend beyond the oysters. Offering some of the most terrifying waves of the East Coast for surfers on the Atlantic side of Barrier Island and serving as both a Pamlico Sound Kiteboarding Incubator and a stand-up paddleboarding site, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The In In Pimlico Sound Provides easy access to all activities.

Snorkeling is fun but you will see much more by scuba diving. In Monterey, California, dive into the water and explore the true habitat of sea otters, sea lions and harbor seals. Get PADI-certified by local outfitters and then swim freely through the kelp forest with colorful rockfish, seals, giant sea bass and more. Monterey State Beach, San Carlos Beach, and Maccabi Beach Popular local spot for beach dive for all levels. To explore more marine life, Go to Tidepooling on Macabe Beach. This secluded slip of shore merges with anemones, sea stars and other pleasures. It is also a major site for sand fortifications. To see the incredible marine life from the arid lands, don’t miss Monterey’s world-famous aquarium and then relax. All of these aquatic activities Monterey Plaza Hotel & SpaWhich offers a dramatic waterfront setting.

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