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Sicily is certainly a part of Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean which makes it famous. This stunning island is one of the twenty regions of Italy and is famous for things like Mount Etna, the Roman Theater of Taurmina, as well as the bustling city of Palermo – which is an attraction in its own right and must include your Sicilian itinerary.

Sicily is an island with the perfect combination of beautiful landscapes, fantastic beaches, incredible cuisine and one of the best climates in Europe, so it’s no surprise that the island is a favorite among travelers and holiday makers alike.

So, let us show you what an 8 day Sicily trip can be like.

Explore the fishing village on your Sicilian itinerary
Aspra is a traditional fishing village with colorful boats in Sicily. Depositphotos.com

Here’s how to plan an eight-day Sicily trip

Let’s start your Sicily trip to Palermo.

Day 1-3: Palermo

You will start your dream trip to Sicily, starting from the capital city Palermo which is famous for its beautiful waterfalls and glorious piazza. But mostly for its incredible food culture – which is one of the main reasons you stay in Italy?

Sicilian cuisine attracts a lot of people outside of this world and for this reason alone, and one of the main attractions you can’t ignore is the ancient La Vuquiria food market. This market holds social significance in the city as well as plays a central role here. This iconic food market where you can eat all kinds of delicious and local street food, locals can enjoy Dolls Vita as well as embrace the lively environment, which makes it a wonderful place.

To get here, leave Piazza Caracciolo, Palermo anytime from 7am to 7pm Monday – Saturday. Palermo is an ideal place to try some famous street food arancini (Italian rice balls) and Sphinx (Sicilian pizza), as well as take cooking classes to learn the secrets behind these mouth watering recipes. If you feel adventurous, be sure to try the famous beef spleen sandwich Bread like mesa.

With a full belly, you are ready for some of the best attractions in Palermo these days.

  • Cattedrale di Palermo: This impressive Roman Catholic church dates back to 1185, and is one of the most significant buildings in the city. It is open Monday-Saturday from 7am to 7pm and on Sundays from 8am to 7am.
  • Palazzo dei Normani: It is one of the best-preserved examples of Arabic-Norman-Byzantine architecture and can be visited from Mon-Sat 8: 30-4: 30 and Sunday 8: 30-12: 30. pm
  • Teatro Massimo: Italy’s largest opera house and the third largest in the world.

If you find yourself with time on your hands and looking to do more, be sure to add this optional attraction to your list.

  • St. John of the Hermits: A medieval Norman church with impressive Arab-Norman architecture. You can go Monday-Saturday 9: 30-6: 30 and Sunday morning 9: 30-1: 30.
  • Balero Market: Another market for more delicious Sicilian food as well as clothing experience. You can find some mouth watering fruits, cheese, fresh fish and local vegetables. Mon-Sat 7:30 am-8:30 pm/ Sun 7:30 am-2pm.
Palermo, Sicily
View of Palermo with old houses and monuments. Depositphotos.com

Day 3-5: Taormina

Today, you’ll leave Palermo and follow the north coast to Taormina, stopping at Sefalu একটি a stunning seaside village আগে before heading to the east coast of the island. Taormina is a fantastic resort town, which is definitely worth a visit. On your first evening, be sure to take a walk down the busy main street of Corso Umberto and choose a bar or restaurant to spend the evening.

After dinner, why not take an open-air performance at a Greek theater that guarantees a great 3rd-century experience, as well as the unsatisfactory view of the famous Mount Athena in the distance.

The next day, this beautiful coastal town has a lot of activities you can enjoy, including:

  • Resting on a beach like Isola Bella.
  • Enjoying the panoramic view from the Piazza IX Aprile, which has the best views of the city and Mount Atner and is open 24 hours a day to enjoy.
  • For more incredible city and sea views, the Chesapeake Madonna della Rocco is a peaceful place to relax and a place to enjoy a glass of local wine. Mon-Sun 8: 30-6 p.m.
  • The Alcantara Gorge, a 50-minute walk from Taormina and a geological wonder, is the perfect place to visit to see the majestic waterfalls and take a fresh dip in the Alcantara River.

Spend your second evening in Palermo listening to live music and enjoying some delicious Italian food in town.

Tip: Godfather fans can visit some of the movie’s film locations in Savoka, just outside Taormina, which was used as the fictional city of Corleone.

Taormina, Sicily
Taormina, Sicily, Italy. Beautiful ancient theater of Taormina. Ancient Greek theater, significant landmark ruins. Amazing view of the Etna volcano from the auditorium. Fantastic cityscape of Taormina. Depositphotos.com

Day 5-6: Catania

After breakfast, you will leave Taormina and go to Catania. However, along the way you must stop at Mount Etna, one of the island’s most famous attractions. This active stratovolcano is the longest volcano in Europe and amazes many visitors with the mere sight of this natural attraction. You can either take the Mt Etna Trail, which is about 1-hour return and medium grade, or spend some time enjoying the view and endless photo opportunities before you head to Catania.

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Note:: Although Italy is not usually an unsafe place to travel, you should be aware of pickpockets and petty thefts, especially in tourist areas, so be careful and take care of your valuables in such places.

Catania is Sicily’s second largest city and is a place you can’t ignore your Sicilian travel plans. On arrival, expect to be greeted by a magnificent view of Mount Atner, which forms the iconic backdrop of this stunning city. Here you will spend the evening absorbing the city environment in all its glory, which is evident in the Piazza Duomo.

The next day you will have a full day exploring the sights of the city, including:

  • Palazzo Biscuit: Complete with stunning frescoes, check out this magnificent palace for its incredible Catanese Baroque architecture. Considering that this historic site is now being used for concerts, check out their website for upcoming missing events. Mon-Sun 10am-1am.
  • The Cathedral of Catania: This beautiful and historic cathedral is centrally located, so there is no reason to miss the amazing Baroque architecture that makes it so popular. Look for domed roofs, columnar facades, and countless frescoes that can be admired for hours on end. Dedicated to the patron saint of Catania, St. Agatha, whose festival is held from 3 February.rd – 5M. Mon-Sat 10:30 am-12pm/4pm-5:30pm, closed Sunday.

When you visit Catania, be sure to refresh yourself with a cold and fruitful drink from one of the historic Catania kiosks of the 1800s, and many pizzas are available, especially at Piazza Amberto. Catania Enjoy another beautiful evening, with a delicious local dinner Pasta Alla Norma (Pasta and eggplant) and a stunning sunset over Mount Etner, take in everything you encounter today as part of your 8-day Sicilian itinerary.

A kiosk in Catania, Sicily
A kiosk in Catania, Sicily. Depositphotos.com

Day 6-8: Syracuse

Today, after a fresh and delicious Italian breakfast, in addition to some world-famous coffee, you will set yourself up for the day and make your way to Syracuse, an ideal place to discover its attractions as well as stay close to some major stops. – Off point too. On the way here, you will stop at the archaeological site of Agrigento, one of the most notable historical sites on the island. After being amazed at the various fascinating ruins, you’ll continue on to Syracuse, where more adventure awaits.

On your first day in Syracuse, you will have the opportunity to discover many things, including:

  • Fontana Diana by Piazza Archimedes: Around 1907, it was a major feature of the city of Syracuse, dedicated to the goddess Diana.
  • Ortigia, which is accessed by a bridge and is famous for its incredible Baroque style Piazza del Duomo – one of the best in Italy.

On your second day in Syracuse, you will visit Modica, a haven for sweet tooth, as it is famous for Modica chocolates – which you can taste and of course take home. The city is famous for its beautiful layout of historic buildings, its chocolate museum and its narrow, picturesque streets.

Before heading back to Catania for your last evening in Sicily, you will spend the rest of your days happily wandering around this beautiful mountain town, closing your 8-day Sicilian itinerary.

Syracuse, Sicily Island
Syracuse, Sicily Island, Italy: Night view of the fountains of Arethusa, Ortigia, Syracuse, a historic town on the island of Sicily in Italy. Depositphotos.com

Plan your trip to Sicily

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